A Abazi, Refet: Forgiveness of Blood, The Abbott, Greg: Revenge of the Electric Car Abboud, Kevin: Where Do We Go Now? Abdalla, Khalid: Green Zone Abeckaser, Danny A.: Holy Rollers Abel, Jake: I Am Number Four Able, Whitney: Monsters Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Abrahams, Jon: Who Do You Love? Abrams, J. J.: dir., Super 8 Accomplices Achache, Mona: dir., Hedgehog, The Acker, Amy: Cabin in the Woods, The

Acres, Ava: Happy Feet Two Acres, Isabella: Future, The Act of Valor Adams, Amy: Fighter, The; Leap Year; Muppets, The Adams, Jane: Lie, The; Restless Aday, Meat Loaf: Beautiful Boy Addiction Incorporated Addy, Mark: Red Riding Trilogy; Robin Hood Adjustment Bureau, The Adloff, Nathan: dir., Nate and Margaret Aduviri, Juan Carlos: Even the Rain Adventures of Tintin, The Affleck, Ben: Company Men, The; Town, The; dir., Town, The Affleck, Casey: Killer Inside Me, The; Tower Heist; dir., I’m Still Here After.Life Agora Agron, Dianna: I Am Number Four

Aguilera, Christina: Burlesque Ahmed, Riz: Four Lions Ahn, Seo-hyeon: Housemaid, The Airaudo, Malou: Pina Ajami Akerman, Malin: Bang Bang Club, The; Rock of Ages Akhtar, Adeel: Four Lions Akil, Salim: dir., Jumping the Broom Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Adewale: Thing, The Alamo, Roberto: Skin I Live In, The Alamsyah, Doni: Raid: Redemption, The Alba, Jessica: Killer Inside Me, The; Valentine’s Day Albanese, Antonio: To Rome with Love Albert Nobbs Alda, Alan: Behind the Burly Q; Tower Heist Alesi, Fausto Russo: Vincere Alessandrin, Patrick: dir., District

13: Ultimatum “Alex”: Bully Alexander, Erika: La Mission Alfredson, Daniel: dir., Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, The; Girl Who Played with Fire, The Alfredson, Tomas: dir., Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Ali, Arsher: Four Lions Ali, Jay: Darling Companion Alice in Wonderland Allam, Roger: Iron Lady, The; Tamara Drewe Allen, Dave “Gruber”: Bad Teacher Allen, Elizabeth: dir., Ramona and Beezus Allen, Fred: Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, a Tale of Life Allen, Tim: Toy Story 3 Allen, Woody: To Rome with Love; dir., Midnight in Paris; To Rome with Love; You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger All Good Things

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Commandments Amiel, Jon: dir., Creation Ammann, Alberto: Cell 211 Anaya, Elena: Mesrine: Killer Instinct; Point Blank; Skin I Live In, The Anden, Mini: Mechanic, The Anderson, Joe: Crazies, The; Grey, The Anderson, John: Art of the Steal, The Anderson, Paul: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Anderson, Stephen: dir., Winnie the Pooh Anderson, Wes: dir., Moonrise Kingdom Anderson-Lopez, Kristen: Winnie the Pooh Andersson, Peter: Girl Who Played with Fire, The; Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The (Original) Andrews, Anthony: King’s Speech, The

Andrews, Julie: Despicable Me; Tooth Fairy Andrews, Mark: dir., Brave Angarano, Michael: Art of Getting By, The Angel, Auti: Musical Chairs Angle, Kurt: Warrior Anissimova, Anna: Whistleblower, The Aniston, Jennifer: Bounty Hunter, The; Horrible Bosses; Just Go with It Ann-Margret: Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, The Anonymous Another Earth Another Year Anozie, Nonso: Brighton Rock; Grey, The Ansari, Aziz: 30 Minutes or Less Answers to Nothing Antal, Nimrod: dir., Predators Antin, Steven: dir., Burlesque Anton Chekhov’s The Duel

Apatow, Judd: Zookeeper Apfel, Iris: Bill Cunningham New York Aphaiwonk, Natthakarn: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Apple, Erik: Warrior Applegate, Christina: Hall Pass Apted, Michael: dir., Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Aquino, Ralph: Cropsey Araki, Gregg: dir., Kaboom Arango, Tim: Page One: Inside the New York Times Araya Arestrup, Niels: Prophet, A; Sarah’s Key; War Horse Arevalo, Raul: Even the Rain Argott, Don: dir., Art of the Steal, The Argy, Stephanie: dir., Red Machine, The Arias, Moises: Perfect Game, The;

We the Party Arkin, Alan: Change-Up, The; City Island; Thin Ice Arlynne, Beverly: Behind the Burly Q Armenante, Jillian: Bad Teacher Armendariz, Pedro, Jr.: Casa de Mi Padre Armesto, Sebastian: Anonymous Armiliato, Fabio: To Rome with Love Armitage, Richard: Captain America: The First Avenger Armour, Annabel: In Memoriam Arnett, Will: Despicable Me; Jonah Hex Arnold, Andrea: dir., Fish Tank Arnold, Jennifer: dir., Small Act, A Aronofsky, Darren: dir., Black Swan Around a Small Mountain Arquette, David: Certifiably Jonathan; Scre4m Arquette, Patricia: Certifiably

Jonathan; Girl in Progress Arquette, Rosanna: Certifiably Jonathan; Nick Nolte: No Exit; Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding Arrais, Joao: Mysteries of Lisbon Arterton, Gemma: Clash of the Titans; Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; Tamara Drewe Arteta, Miguel: dir., Cedar Rapids; Youth in Revolt Arthur Arthur, Michelle: Thin Ice Artist, The Art of Getting By, The Art of the Steal, The Asano, Tadanobu: Artist, The Asch, Kevin: dir., Holy Rollers Ashbourne, Lorraine: Oranges and Sunshine Ashby, Brian: dir., Scrappers Ashfield, Kate: Late Bloomers Ashkenazi, Lior: Footnote Ashley, Naomi: Something Better

Somewhere Else Assayas, Olivier: dir., Carlos Astor, Josef: Bill Cunningham New York A-Team, The Atherton, William: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie Atkins, Eileen: Robin Hood Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 Attack the Block Attal, Yvan: Leaving; Rapt Atwell, Hayley: Captain America: The First Avenger Atwood, Margaret: Surviving Progress Aubier, Stephane: Town Called Panic, A; dir., Town Called Panic, A Audiard, Jacques: dir., Prophet, A Aug, Yuliya: Silent Souls Auletta, Ken: Page One: Inside the New York Times Austin, Jake T.: Perfect Game, The Avengers, The

Avion Travel: Passione Avitabile, Enzo: Passione Aylward, John: Crazies, The Ayoade, Richard: dir., Submarine Azabal, Lubna: Incendies Azaria, Hank: Happy Feet Two; Love and Other Drugs Azema, Sabine: Wild Grass B Babies Bach, Christoph: Carlos Back, Hilde: Small Act, A Back-up Plan, The Bacon, Kevin: Crazy, Stupid, Love.; Super; X-Men: First Class Bacon, Linda: America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments Badgley, Penn: Easy A; Margin Call Badiou, Alain: Film Socialisme Bad Teacher Baer, Edouard: Wild Grass

Baez, Joan: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel Bailey, Colin: Art of the Steal, The Bailey, Lucy: dir., Mugabe and the White African Bailey, Miranda: Answers to Nothing Bailey, Preston: Crazies, The; Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer Baker, Dylan: Secretariat Baker, Kathy: Machine Gun Preacher; Take Shelter Baker, Max: Newlyweds Baker, Simon: Killer Inside Me, The; Margin Call Bal, Vincent: dir., Miss Minoes Balaban, Bob: Howl; Moonrise Kingdom; Thin Ice Balasko, Josiane: Hedgehog, The Balding, David: One Lucky Elephant Balding, Laura: One Lucky Elephant

Baldwin, Alec: Hick; Rock of Ages; To Rome with Love Baldwin, Chris: Fake It So Real Baldwin, Jason: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory Bale, Christian: Fighter, The; Flowers of War, The Balestre, Jean-Marie: Senna Balibar, Jeanne: Joy of Singing, The; Town Called Panic, A Balmes, Thomas: dir., Babies Bamporiki, Edouard: Kinyarwanda Bana, Eric: Hanna Bancaccio, Barbara: dir., Cropsey Banderas, Antonio: Haywire; Skin I Live In, The; You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Banes, Sebastian: In the Family Bang Bang Club, The Banks, Doug: Phunny Business: A Black Comedy Banks, Elizabeth: Hunger Games, The; Man on a Ledge; Next Three

Days, The; Our Idiot Brother; People Like Us; What to Expect When You’re Expecting Bannier, Sarah: Miss Minoes Banole, Alice: House of Pleasures Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop; dir., Exit Through the Gift Shop Baptista, Joao: Mysteries of Lisbon Baquet, Dean: Page One: Inside the New York Times Bar-Aba, Shlomo: Footnote Baranauckas, Carla: Page One: Inside the New York Times Baranski, Christine: Bounty Hunter, The Barbe, Marc: Mozart’s Sister Barber, Daniel: dir., Harry Brown Bardem, Carlos: Cell 211 Bardem, Javier: Biutiful; Eat Pray Love Barden, Jessica: Hanna; Tamara Drewe Barford, Ian: Last Rites of Joe May, The

Barhom, Ashraf: Agora Barkin, Ellen: Brooklyn’s Finest; Happy Tears Barks, Coleman: I Am Barnard, Dr. Neil: Forks Over Knives Barnes, Ben: Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Barnett, Adam: Silent House Barney’s Version Barr, Tara Lynne: God Bless America Barra, Peppe: Passione Barrese, Sasha: Let Me In Barretta, Bill: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey; Muppets, The Barrie, Barbara: Twelve Thirty Bartha, Justin: Dark Horse; Hangover Part II, The; Holy Rollers Bartlett, Alison: Innkeepers, The Baruchel, Jay: Goon; How to Train Your Dragon; She’s Out of My

League; Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Bassett, Angela: Green Lantern; Jumping the Broom; This Means War Basso, Gabriel: Super 8 Bastos, Maria Joao: Mysteries of Lisbon Bataille, Flavie: My Piece of the Pie Bateman, Jason: Change-Up, The; Horrible Bosses; Paul Bates, Kathy: Midnight in Paris; Titanic in 3-D; Valentine’s Day Batinkoff, Randall: Munger Road Batmanglij, Zal: dir., Sound of My Voice Battaggia, Marine: Film Socialisme Battle: Los Angeles Battle, Simon: We the Party Artist, The Baumbach, Noah: dir., Greenberg Baumgartner, Julien: Joy of Singing, The Baup, Marie-Julie: Micmacs Bay, Michael: dir., Transformers: Dark of the Moon Bay, Patsha: Viva Riva! Bayar: Babies Bayat, Sareh: Separation, A Bayer, Samuel: dir., Nightmare on Elm Street, A Baylis, Marc: London River Bea, Robert: Big Uneasy, The Beach, Adam: Cowboys and Aliens Beale, Simon Russell: Deep Blue Sea, The Beals, Hallock: Munger Road Beals, Jennifer: Book of Eli, The; Queen to Play Bean, Sean: Mirror Mirror; Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief; Red Riding Trilogy Beata, Enio: Surviving Progress Beatty, Jordana: Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer Beatty, Ned: Killer Inside Me, The; Rampart; Rango; Toy Story 3 Beausson-Diagne, Nadege: Film

Socialisme Beautiful Boy Beauvois, Xavier: dir., Of Gods and Men Beavan, Colin: Surviving Progress Beaver, The Bechis, Marco: dir., Birdwatchers Beckel, Graham: Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 Becker, Hugo: Damsels in Distress Becker, Jean: dir., My Afternoons with Margueritte Becker, Kuno: Spoken Word Beckerman, Jonathan: Love Affair of Sorts, A Beckinsale, Kate: Contraband Bednob, Gerry: Lie, The Beginners Beharie, Nicole: Shame Behind the Burly Q Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey Being Flynn Bejo, Berenice: Artist, The Bekins, Richard: Young Adult Bekmambetov, Timur: dir., Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Bel, Lake: No Strings Attached Bel Ami Bell, Emma: Final Destination 5 Bell, Jamie: Adventures of Tintin, The; Eagle, The; Jane Eyre; Man on a Ledge Bell, John: Shine of Rainbows, A; Wrath of the Titans Bell, Kristen: Burlesque; Safety Not Guaranteed; You Again Bell, Lake: Good Old Fashioned Orgy Bell, Marshall: Puncture Bellamy, Bill: Phunny Business: A Black Comedy Belle, David: District 13: Ultimatum Bellflower Bello, Maria: Beautiful Boy; Company Men, The; Grown Ups; Yellow Handkerchief, The

Bellocchio, Marco: dir., Vincere Bellocchio, Pier Giorgio: Vincere Bellucci, Monica: Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The; Whistleblower, The Belushi, James: Ghost Writer, The Belvaux, Lucas: dir., Rapt Benacerraf, Margot: dir., Araya Bencherif, Adel: Prophet, A Bender, Landry: Sitter, The Benedetti, Nelly: Soft Skin, The Benedict, Helen: Invisible War, The Benedict, Rob: Little Help, A Benesch, Leonie: White Ribbon, The Benigni, Roberto: To Rome with Love Bening, Annette: Kids Are All Right, The; Mother and Child Bennett, Haley: Kaboom Bennett, Tony: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel Benson, Jodi: Toy Story 3 Ben Taleb, M’Barka: Passione

Bentley, Wes: Hunger Games, The Benz, Julie: Answers to Nothing Bercot, Emmanuelle: Polisse Berenger, Tom: Inception Berenson, Marisa: I Am Love Beresford, Bruce: dir., Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding Berezin, Andrey: Pina Berg, Daniel: King of Devil’s Island Berg, Peter: dir., Artist, The Bergere, Jenica: Safety Not Guaranteed Berges-Frisbey, Astrid: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Bergier, Marie-Christine: Film Socialisme Bergman, Mats: Henning Mankell’s Wallander Berkeley, Xander: Seeking Justice Berkoff, Steven: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The (U.S. remake); Tourist, The Berlanti, Greg: dir., Life As We Know It



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